Planet 246

Dean Burnett
The Golden Valley: A Visual Biography of the Garw
by Phil Cope

by Phil Cope

Seren, £15.00

Some years ago, before we had children, my wife and I spent a week exploring some of the more popular and celebrated sites of London, most of which she’d never experienced, despite having lived in the city for over two decades. I’m told it’s a common phenomenon; growing up somewhere, yet never getting round to experiencing the qualities and attractions it boasts.

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About the author

Dean Burnett is a doctor of neuroscience, a psychology research associate, and a bestselling author of books about the brain. He was born and raised in the Garw Valley, and still visits there regularly from his home in Cardiff. His latest book, Psycho-Logical, a scientific exploration of mental health and how it can go wrong, also refers to his experiences of growing up in his home village.