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Military Wreaths and Blood-Free Flags

Jenny Mathers draws on feminist security studies to shed light on militarisation and anti-militarisation within Russia, and what connects broad experiences of insecurity within society to war, arguing why the war in Ukraine is so dependent on the support of millions of ordinary Russians.

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Why the Story of Madog Matters for the Anti-Racism Movement

Lucy Taylor argues why the myth of Prince Madog, and its obscuring of Indigenous loss, has new resonance in an era when Wales is confronting its complicity in colonialism; but that we need to look even deeper at the complex Welsh experience across the Atlantic as both oppressor and oppressed.

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A Dragon Full of Hot Air: Welsh Government’s International Strategy

Robat Idris scrutinises the Welsh Government’s International Strategy, whose launch was overshadowed by the pandemic, and argues that its under-examined 2020-2025 Action Plans are ripe for satire, and contain contradictions that critically undermine the government’s supposedly progressive image.

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Foresting Over Family Farms: The Global Context for Green-Grabbing

Ambreena Manji gives a bigger perspective on corporate afforestation of west Wales, discussing this in relation to neoliberal, neo-colonial processes of land-grabbing worldwide, and joint European-African peasant group campaigns against these practices. How can land be centred as a public good?

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