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Planet magazine has been offering a radical approach to the culture and politics of Wales and the world for nearly half a century. You can read a little more about our history here


‘This could be our generation’s NHS’
UBI and a Four‐day Working Week

In a series that proposes how society could change for the better in response to Covid-19, Harry Waveney interviews the Future Generations Commissioner and other advocates for radical reform of welfare and work. In an era of automation and pandemic, could we reclaim our time for ourselves and our communities?

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Welsh Keywords: Gwladfa

Our Welsh Keywords offers contemporary perspectives on the meaning of words in Welsh, inspired by Raymond Williams’ Keywords. In this issue, Geraldine Lublin, a scholar of Welsh Patagonia originally from Buenos Aires, unpicks the nuances of the term ‘Gwladfa’: how do today’s debates around decolonising Wales and white privilege contribute to our understanding of the Welsh settlement?

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In a new short story by Sugar and Slate author Charlotte Williams, the doorbell ringing brings the Home Office’s ‘hostile environment’ very close to home for veteran Welsh life model Joy.

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Resistance is Life
Hevaltî, Çay and Auld Lang Syne

Congratulations to the winner of our 2020 Young Writers’ Competition! In his winning article, Harry Waveney reflects on the values and democratic structures he’s discovered while engaged in Kurdish solidarity activism; and how this all connects to an old song of friendship.

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