Planet is an award-winning English-language magazine which has been offering an independent approach to the culture and politics of Wales and the world since 1970.

Advertising with Planet connects you to a targeted readership of people most passionate about Welsh culture and current affairs.

Time and again the magazine has taken me upwards and outwards from the fulcrum of Wales to the furthest reaches of discussion and discovery.Jan Morris
Since its inception half a century ago, Planet has consistently pushed our boundaries of discourse. It has challenged, provoked and inspired, and always remained true to its own subhead (‘The Welsh Internationalist’) by placing our small country in far wider contexts.Mike Parker

Planet magazine publishes in-depth articles on culture and politics, aimed at the general reader, with our readership including influential writers, academics and policy-makers alongside a mainstream audience.

  • Our subscribers also include institutions – in Wales and worldwide. Institutional subscriptions include libraries, secondary schools, universities, museums, theatres and galleries, NGOs, devolved governments, policy units and think-tanks, publishing houses and media organisations.
  • Planet’s audience crosses the generations, from 18 to 80+.
  • Planet bridges Welsh- and English-language culture with features on the language and book reviews of Welsh-language titles.
  • We connect Wales with the world, and bring the world to Wales both in terms of the themes of the contents and via our individual and institutional subscriptions overseas.
  • The bulk of our readers are committed subscribers, based in Wales and around the world. Planet is also on sale in around 40 bookshops, museums and arts venues all over Wales.
  • Anecdotally we know that readers take time to read their issue, as we are a quarterly, and that they often pass their copy around the family or on to a friend. Our readers tend to keep their issues into posterity as a collection. 15% of copies go to libraries and institutions including universities and galleries, where they will have any number of readers.
  • Organisations which have recently advertised with us include: Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Cardiff University, National Library of Wales, publishers such as Parthian, Seren, and University of Wales Press, and a range of smaller campaigns, festivals, conferences, shops, galleries and magazines.
  • Please get in touch so we can help with an advertising package that matches your goals:[email protected]

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