Planet 234

Katie Gramich
Rhwng y Silffoedd
by Andrew Green

by Andrew Green

Y Lolfa, £8.99

‘Professor Plum, in the library, with the mobile shelving...?’

This is a tasty ragout of a book, part whodunnit, part satire, part campus novel, with an undercurrent of Classical allegory and more than a soupçon of humour. Since its author is the former National Librarian, Andrew Green, it is fitting that the scene of the crime is the library of the University of Aberacheron, while the two amateur sleuths who set about solving the mystery are Menna Maengwyn, the librarian, and her off-and-on lover, Llŷr Meredydd, senior lecturer in Criminology. The victim is Diocletian Jones, the much-hated vice-chancellor with a penchant for closing departments and treating students as paying customers; thus, there is a pleasing plethora of grudge-bearing potential murderers.

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