Planet 234

Simon Brooks reviews
Creu Dinasyddiaeth i Gymru: Mewnfudo Rhyngwladol a’r Gymraeg
by Gwennan Higham

by Gwennan Higham

University of Wales Press, £16.99

Multiculturalism in the United Kingdom, and hence Wales, has always ignored language as a social category, largely because no indigenous language community exists in England. Furthermore, identity politics, which is initially an American creation, is predicated too on a public sphere that is assumed to be monoglot. Intersectionality also tends to erase language, regarding it as more of a consumer choice than a characteristic that might define an individual to be with or without ‘privilege’. These ideas are all the product of Anglophone thought, although their advocates claim, as Anglophones do, that their form of particularity is in fact universal.

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