Planet 234

Laura Wainwright reviews
The Nightingale Silenced, and other late unpublished writings by Margiad Evans
Edited by Jim Pratt

Edited by Jim Pratt

Honno, £9.99

In her poem, ‘The Nightingale’, Margiad Evans (born Peggy Whistler) pictures a valley and an orchard coming into leaf; observes ‘breathing wings’ of butterflies, birds, mountains emerging from mist – describes how ‘All night they heard the nightingale/ in his full-moon of voice’. Evans’s poem, like much of her work, is lyrically alive to the natural world, attending to its rhythms with an almost Romantic intensity and tenderness. Hers, like the nightingale’s, is ‘a full-moon of voice’: searching, alluring, a faithful satellite of Earth.

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