What Can Plaid Hope For in the 2021 Election?

In Conversation with Adam Price

From Planet 239

by Laura McAllister

Laura McAllister discusses and debates topics including the Welsh Government’s response to Covid-19, coalition governments, independence and the future of the left; offering an in-depth analysis of Plaid’s chances in the forthcoming elections.

Sport occupies at least half my brain at any one time. The fascinating conversation that I had with Adam Price reminded me of what in sport is called ‘periodisation’. Drawing on the work of Russian sports scientist, Matveyev in the 1960s, periodisation is an approach to coaching top athletes that identifies forthcoming competitions for which the athlete needs to be in absolutely peak condition, psychologically and physiologically. It’s impossible to be continuously at the top of one’s game, so a training regime is tapered from the biggest event, preparing to peak at exactly the right moment. Adam Price’s periodisation regime is pretty clear. In under a year, he needs to be absolutely fighting fit to lead Plaid Cymru into the Senedd elections, where there’s a real chance that we could see a change of government and therefore, of First Minister.

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