Iwan Llwyd in the Deep South

From Planet 227

by Robert Minhinnick

Robert Minhinnick on how the late Iwan Llwyd understood what is most meaningful about poetry, remembering their trips across the Americas and an expedition to the dunes and jukeboxes of Porthcawl...

Photograph © Ram Devenini

Photograph © Ram Devenini

Iwan Llwyd was writing Rhyw Deid yn Dod Miwn1 about the Welsh coast and suggested a Porthcawl visit. This was in January 2008 and coincided with several birthdays. My uncle David Thomas received an englyn after buying Iwan a steak. Three days later it was Margaret Minhinnick’s turn, with a piece that concerns age and the seasons, the swallow its central image:

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