A Brexit Detox Programme
From Planet 236

Editorial by Emily Trahair

Brexit. If you are not of the opinion that on leaving the EU we would be led into those sunlit uplands then you may be tempted to not read much further. By now, ‘the B word’, as many now delicately term it, as though it’s an unmentionable slur or disease, has become toxic. For some it has the walking-on-eggshells attributes of a torrid family break up, for others it is simply as tedious as a convoluted TV comedy farce that has dragged on over too many episodes. Brexit (even at this late date) for many just evokes yet another nebula on the horizon that is massed against other frightening but rather abstract seeming fears such as those about climate change or mortality, with more immediate anxieties taking sharper form in the foreground. However for others – for example EU nationals and their families, those who could be deprived of essential medication, farmers and others whose livelihoods are most likely to be affected, those who are vulnerable to any potential sectarian violence in Northern Ireland and those who experienced racist abuse in the aftermath of the referendum, leaving the European Union (especially with a No Deal Brexit) summons up fears that are sharp and immediate indeed.

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