A Welsh Nationalist Mourns the Death of Britain

From Planet 236

by Simon Brooks

Simon Brooks develops his argument that devolution has created a miniature version of the British state, with power centralised in Cardiff. He reflects on how independence could further threaten cultural difference within Wales – and moreover offers radical proposals for how an independent nation could avoid creating yet another homogenous state.

For some two or three years now, I have been mourning the death of Britain. This is quite unexpected because I have been campaigning to bring about its passing my entire adult life. I even wrote a book, Why Wales Never Was, about how this might be done. The way forward for twenty-first century Welsh nationalism would be to reject the Anglo-centric liberal consensus of these isles. Eschewing UK-wide progressive alliances, the national movement should concentrate on independence as a clear, stand-alone narrative. How quickly indeed my effective dreams have come to pass.

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