The Welsh Internationalist

How Can Activists Unify Their Movements Again?

From Planet 247

by Ffred Ffransis

In a series that proposes how society could change in response to Covid-19, Ffred Ffransis draws on his activist experience to discuss how movements could move beyond online ‘call-out culture’ to honour the interconnectivity of our struggles in the spirit of peace, justice and chwyldro.

‘I love apples.’

‘So you discriminate against oranges? We need to call out these hidden forms of discrimination!’

There has been so much ‘calling out’ during the pandemic years in Wales that it would be surprising if some activists had any voices left!

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About the author

Ffred Ffransis joined Cymdeithas yr Iaith while still at school, and has been involved in active campaigning including direct action since the 1960s. Through his work with Cadwyn (which distributes Welsh handicrafts and Fair Trade giftware) he has developed an international perspective through which to view campaigning in Wales. Through his work with Christian groups, he has developed a sense of the wholeness of life – be it political, socio-economic or cultural.