Covid and the Coalfields

From Planet 247

by Chris Saville and Daniel Thomas

Chris Saville & Daniel Thomas introduce their research findings from a British Academy project on the coalfield communities of Wales and Appalachia. They present the social and political arguments why these areas are so acutely affected by Covid-19, and propose what policy-makers need to do to prevent this from happening again.

From a place where nobody tends to go
From a place I love
Place I hate but I fit like glove
So we’ve come from the ground like coal
But, dig a bit deeper you might find
gold that’s us
From ‘Coal’ by Luke RV1
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About the author

Chris Saville is Clinical Lecturer at Bangor University School of Human and Behavioural Sciences.
Daniel Thomas is Consultant Epidemiologist at Public Health Wales and Honorary Professor in Applied Epidemiology at Cardiff Metropolitan University.