Planet 246

Yvette Vaughan Jones
Darkness in the City of Light
by Tony Curtis

by Tony Curtis

Seren, £9.99

Both the oxymoron of the title Darkness in the City of Light and the frontispiece quotation ‘Never trust the teller, trust the tale’ (D.H. Lawrence) should prepare us for a novel of intrigue and complexity. Indeed, the opening image of a sepia-tinted Nazi flag floating above a smoke-smudged city is in contrast to the opening text, in which a sharply dressed, stylish woman catalogues with precision a bizarre inventory of items taken from two Paris addresses. It feels like the stage directions for a modern thriller.

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About the author

Yvette Vaughan Jones’s mother was French and her daughter lives in France. French culture and politics have always been a powerful interest. She has lived and worked in Wales for over thirty years with spells in Brussels working for the Wales European Centre and in London as Chief Executive of Visiting Arts. She set up Wales Arts International in 1995. She is the Chair of Welsh National Opera.