The World is on Fire – Don’t Rebuild a Replica

From Planet 239

by Faith Rhiannon Clarke

Faith Rhiannon Clarke interviewed Butetown human rights lawyer Hussein Said on why Black lives matter in environmental activism. As people of colour are already disproportionately suffering the effects of climate change worldwide, what can the green movement do to dismantle racial hierarchies?

Hussein Said didn’t have a particularly political upbringing, apart from finding out his Welsh miner grandfather once scrawled ‘Trotsky’ on the side of the family’s garden shed, he tells me, beaming at the thought. But having been born in Baghdad, Iraq – one of the most war-torn, invaded and occupied countries of the modern age – was always going to have some influence. Growing up in the UK, a country which was part of the coalition to invade his birthplace, eventually pushed Hussein into what he vaguely describes as ‘that area of politics’.

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