Planet 234

Georgia Burdett reviews
Broken Ghost
by Niall Griffiths

by Niall Griffiths

Jonathan Cape, £16.99

It has now, somewhat unbelievably, been twenty years since the publication of Niall Griffiths’ Grits, the gargantuan, violent, multi-voiced, debut novel concerning addiction, promiscuity and petty crime, so well-received that it catapulted him to the forefront of contemporary writers from Wales, a position he has maintained ever since. Since then Griffiths’ output has been prolific, with several critically acclaimed novels including: Sheepshagger (2001), Kelly + Victor (2002), Stump (2003), Runt (2008), some non-fiction with guides to Aberystwyth and Liverpool in Peter Finch’s Real geography series (2008), and a powerful poetry collection, Red Raw (2013).

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