Planet 234

Izzy Rabey reviews
Merched Y Chwyldro
by Gwenan Gibbard and Cofiwch Dryweryn: Wales Awakening by Mari Emlyn

by Gwenan Gibbard

Sain, £15.99

We are at a time of questioning national identity in Wales: what it is, what it looks like, and the best way of carving a future which contains the multitudes of our culture within it. From the Yes Cymru movement to a booming Welsh-language music scene, the centenary of the Butetown Riots to the black Welsh option not being included in the 2021 census, how we package our own history and how our living memory contributes to assembling the conception of ‘what Welsh is’ and ‘who are we as Welsh people’, is at the forefront of many conversations across the arts, education, politics and social media in Wales.

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