Beyond Great Powers and Big Labels: Soundtracks to Independence

From Planet 234

by Deian Timms

Deian Timms celebrates how small-label indie music can be a powerful channel for popularising independence for small nations such as Wales and Scotland. He argues that in a long tradition dating from the balladeers of the 1848 revolutions, this is part of a deeper yearning for an alternative reality in a dysfunctional world.

The relationship between culture and politics is a two way street. In a continuous state of flux, one at same time shapes and is shaped by the other. We live in a time of great political change and as such, great cultural change. We have seen so much happen in the last few years that seemed unthinkable until recently. It is often confusing, but one thing seems clear – that people across Europe and the world are fed up with the status quo. This sentiment can manifest itself in a number of ways.

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