From Planet 227

by Emily Trahair

‘It must be hard to write editorials for a quarterly magazine’ people have commented, over the last few stormy years ‘when these days no-one knows what will happen in politics from one week to the next’. However, this challenge compels you to listen out for the undercurrents that have been raging away for a long time now, and which, like the discontent which in disparate ways has fed into the Leave vote and Corbyn’s ‘surprise’ success, have recently erupted into mainstream politics. Being quarterly is an opportunity to zoom out and take a long view on events, and hopefully avoid those phenomena that turn out to be storms-in-teacups. Leaving the EU is likely to be one of the most protracted tempests which Wales will have to brave out in the modern age. Indeed, in this issue Ned Thomas warns why Brexit could create a ‘moment of existential danger’ for Wales and the Welsh language.

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