Here Comes the Sun


Emily Trahair

This issue includes common thematic threads of nature, climate change and species loss. But these natural fibres are impossible to unravel from other, very anthropocentric concerns of culture, justice, equality, health and happiness found elsewhere in the issue. There is a sense throughout the edition of cycles of death and rebirth, fasting and feasting, darkness and light – both literal and metaphorical – cycles, in a seasonal sense, often disrupted or flattened by climate change (I write this while emerging from the mildest, muddiest Christmas in memory). However, there is also a mulchy tang of something germinating under the dead leaves, the sense that with enough of a fight forms of regeneration may be possible – for communities and cultures, and perhaps for the woodcock and the wildflower meadow too.

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About the author

Emily Trahair is Editor of Planet.