The Welsh Internationalist

How can all forms of Welshness be recognised?

From Planet 248

by Simon Brooks and Daniel G. Williams

Our new regular feature brings together two people to debate a contemporary topic in robust yet respectful ways, as a counterpoint to the toxic nature of much social media debate, inspired by the resurgence of interest in The Dragon Has Two Tongue. In this issue, Simon Brooks and Daniel G. Williams question each other’s perspectives on nationhood, Britishness and diaspora.

Dear Daniel,

Many of my earliest memories are of communities under the Heathrow flight path. A palimpsest of multicultural urban England with their

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About the author

Daniel G Williams is Professor of English Literature at Swansea University and is one of the directors of CREW (Centre for Research into the English Literature and Language of Wales).
Simon Brooks is currently writing a travelogue about Welsh communities in England.