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Four 96-page print issues of Planet, published in February, May, August and November.

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Access to Planet Digital. Planet Digital is the digital edition of Planet exclusively available to subscribers via password. It includes access to the same material as in the current issue of Planet + back issues dating from 2015 onwards + extra multimedia material.

Digital-only, print-only and institutional subscriptions are also available.

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Please note that institutional subscriptions will not be charged VAT in any EU/EEA country.

Terms and conditions for Planet Digital:
For those with Standard Subscriptions who access Planet Digital alongside the print edition, you will receive Planet Digital access until the time when an issue which is not included in your print subscription is published. For Planet Digital-only subscribers, you will receive access for 365 days from activation. For all subscribers who renew via direct debit, or who renew via other means before your subscription lapses: you will receive continuous access to Planet Digital. Planet Digital will be published during the same month as the print magazine.

Planet Digital access will be enabled manually rather than automatically, so the timing of activating your access will depend on staff availability in the office. We will strive to activate your access as soon as possible.

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A gift for yourself (or a loved one). Celebrate over half a century of Planet and receive the new issue gift-wrapped with 5 copies from different decades selected by the Planet team. Feel free to let us know if you or your recipient already has certain copies. To purchase enter the name and address of the recipient below. Then click on 'Add to Cart'. This will take you to the Paypal page where you can purchase as a guest (without an account) or with your Paypal account.

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This includes any issue of Planet that is not current. Please email us to confirm the back issue is still available: [email protected]

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Planet Books

Did you know that Planet also publishes books? Support us and read a range of groundbreaking titles from Wales, Galicia and Sweden, including work by Nigel Jenkins, Caradoc Evans, Mary-Ann Constantine, Mike Jenkins, Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín, and a book censored by Franco's regime. To purchase click here.