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A selection of excerpts from articles available in our current issue, you can see more in the current issue page


'We Were the Industrial Revolution'

Meic Birtwistle witnesses the final day of deep coal mining in Britain. He reflects on how the industry has shaped his own life...

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Steel Town

As the year begins with Port Talbot steel works facing huge job losses, Lynne Rees portrays how the steel industry underpins her hometown...

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Welsh Keywords: Cyfieithu

In the seventeenth contribution to our Welsh Keywords series, Greg Hill reflects on how for him the word ‘cyfieithu’...

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The Other Welsh Dragon Rising?

Bleddyn E. Bowen details why the global space sector is much more than robots and astronauts, and argues that the Welsh economy...

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Following the Red Thread West

Anne Lauppe-Dunbar is moved by an exhibition exploring the lives of Europeans who travelled or fled to Wales between 1750 and 2015...

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