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The February – April issue will sadly be the final one, for the time being at least. Click here for information about how you can help us, plus information about your subscription and refunds.

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"Time and again, Planet has taken me upwards and outwards from the fulcrum of Wales to the furthest reaches of discussion and discovery"

Jan Morris.

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All of a Sudden, It Was All Too Late

Matthew David Scott draws on his experience in the technology industry and the arts to offer his perspective on the ideology behind AI, what happens to our humanity when writing no longer expresses our thoughts, and what this all means for the Welsh curriculum, and Welsh autonomy itself.

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A Janus-Faced Nation: Treorchy

Taking loose inspiration from Planet Patron Jan Morris’s book A Machynlleth Triad, and the double-headed Romano-Celtic god Janus, this new series reflects on the past, present and future of a particular place in Wales. This aligns with Planet’s role in bringing a fragmented nation into dialogue with itself. It also connects to another of our key purposes: to draw on the resources of the past to work for a better future.

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Answers from the Border Country

US scholar Black Hawk Hancock takes a road-trip around Wales’s border country to pay homage to Raymond Williams, and to bring home to the ‘rust-belt’ new insights into ‘structures of feeling’ and ways of resisting economic distress within the post-industrial world.

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When Wales Said No: Palestine, Parch and Personalism

Linden Peach places solidarity with Gaza in the historical and literary context of the Welsh peace movement. What lessons can we draw from our past, and from contemporary Palestinian literature, to strengthen and legitimise activism for peace and justice in the region?

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We Are Bearers of Our Own Heritage

Cara Cullen draws on conversations as a gofalwraig at St. Fagans during the Brexit vote to argue how rather than being a bygone, folk culture can unite across difference in a way that aligns more profoundly with the decolonisation movement than top-down historical interpretation.

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