Keep the Red Flag Flying?

From Planet 248

by Huw Williams and anonymous

As Wales marks a century of Labour dominance, Huw Williams, who recently left the party, and an anonymous teacher, who recently joined, both detail the personal experiences and political and ethical analysis that led to their decisions.

Why I left the Labour Party

A hundred years of electoral dominance might suggest a society in which little has changed, and that the forces that forged that dominance still prevail. In Wales, however, the material base that brought the Labour Party to power now exists in only the most attenuated of conditions. So much has changed since the days of David Thomas and those who built its foundations at the turn of the twentieth century – a time when industrial Wales extended to all four corners through coal, slate, steel and tin. It is, however, the fundamental change in the party itself that is the focus here, and what that might mean for the future.

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About the author

Huw Williams is a Reader in Philosophy at Cardiff University. He has published widely in both Welsh and English, including on Welsh current affairs. The anonymous writer is a deputy headteacher in south Wales.