‘The More it Changes, the More it Stays the Same’

Why Policing Needs Radical Change

From Planet 242

by Faith Rhiannon Clarke

Faith Rhiannon Clarke interviews Satish Sekar, Bianca Ali and Roxanna Dehaghani to bring together perspectives on historically rooted racism in the criminal justice system, vulnerability and mental health in custody, and why ‘Kill the Bill’ protests are mobilising people throughout society.

Nobody is perhaps more familiar with the case of the Cardiff Three, sometimes referred to as the Cardiff Five, than author, journalist and consultant in forensic evidence, Satish Sekar

For over thirty years, he has been continually analysing, scrutinising and writing about the miscarriage of justice that saw five Black and mixed-race men wrongly charged with the brutal murder of Lynette White in February 1988, despite no evidence linking the five men to the crime scene. In 1990, Tony Paris, Yusef Abdullahi, and Stephen Miller were convicted of murder and jailed for life. The other two men – John and Ronnie Actie, were acquitted.

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