All of a Sudden, It Was All Too Late

From Planet 253

by Matthew David Scott

Matthew David Scott draws on his experience in the technology industry and the arts to offer his perspective on the ideology behind AI, what happens to our humanity when writing no longer expresses our thoughts, and what this all means for the Welsh curriculum, and Welsh autonomy itself.

Humans spend a lot of time thinking about the future. These thoughts occupy the full spectrum of possibility: from utopia to dystopia; from universal liberation to mass extinction; from dreaming of winning the lottery to worrying if you’ll be able to find a parking spot. One of the fascinating things about our human need to imagine the world to come, is how we are so often late to realise that it is already here.  

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About the author

Matthew David Scott’s fiction has been shortlisted and longlisted for the Rhys Davies Short Story Competition, and the Dylan Thomas Prize respectively. He also spent several years in the technology industry, including a stint with a California-based start up. As a playwright, he was the co-founder of the theatre company, Slung Low. He lives in Newport.