Small Stages and Grand Ambitions

From Planet 252

by Steve Blandford

Steve Blandford looks beyond the headlines about Welsh theatre to celebrate the capital’s independent theatre scene, interviewing figures from Papertrail, Triongl and The Other Room to argue that the sector is thriving despite its precarity, and how greater support could be achieved.

I have chosen here to avoid the usual headlines in assessing the health of theatre in Wales: the recent Arts Council of Wales investment review, the critiques of national or large civic institutions amplified, like everything else, by armchair social media warriors. Not that these debates are unimportant or that much of the criticism isn’t justified. But in relative terms this is territory that has been covered by others.

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About the author

Steve Blandford is Emeritus Professor of Theatre, Film and Television at the University of South Wales. He currently works as a Visiting Lecturer at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, writes plays and is the author of Iant, a novel.