From Planet 252

by Diffwys Criafol

Congratulations to the winner of our New Writers’ Competition. Diffwys Criafol details the psychic damage from her experience of being evicted with a young child, the troubling class politics of the housing crisis in Wales, and how tenants’ unions need to be the seed for a wider ecosystem of mutual aid.

Currently in Wales, there are around 9,000 people who are homeless, living in temporary accommodation. This includes around 2,600 children.

Shelter Cymru 

I never thought I would be a Mum, but it happened.

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About the author

Diffwys Criafol is the pen name of a dyslexic and dysphraxic writer. She is writing a book in Welsh concerning prison abolitionism, the tensions between Welsh-language culture and the concept of the underclass. She is Mum to a toddler and has been politically active in leftist and anarchist movements for the last fifteen years.