Welsh Keywords: Boneddigeiddio

From Planet 246

by Mabli Siriol Jones

This is the forty-second contribution to our Welsh Keywords series – inspired by Raymond Williams’ Keywords – which offers contemporary perspectives on contested meanings of words in Welsh and how these shifting meanings continue to shape our society.

‘Jentrifficeshyn’ was part of the collection of poems by Catrin Dafydd that won the Coron at the 2018 Cardiff National Eisteddfod.1 In the poem, a group of friends meet in the Grange pub in Grangetown, and one of them raises their relationship to the neighbourhood they have moved into:

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About the author

Mabli Siriol Jones is from Grangetown, Cardiff. She has worked in politics and as a campaigner for LGBT rights and reform of the asylum system. She is the current Chair of Cymdeithas yr Iaith.