With a Pencil You Can Redraw the World

From Planet 246

by Andrew Green

Andrew Green gives a profile of emerging artist Geraint Ross Evans, who draws on contemporary economics, the mural tradition and everyday acts of collaboration by ordinary people to create extraordinary panoramic perspectives on Wales and the world.

The artist unfolds an Ordnance Survey map, and holds it outstretched to show its microcosmic view of Cardiff. He’s standing on Grangemoor, an ex-landfill site, later grassed over and turned into a public nature reserve. Around the artist and map are human figures, including a dog-walker and two lovers. Beyond them, at the periphery, is a circular panorama of the city, a re-imagining of the two-dimensional map.

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About the author

Andrew Green blogs weekly as ‘gwallter’, and is still working on a book about the history of walking in Wales.