Welsh Keywords: Comin

From Planet 242

by Grug Muse

This is the thirty‐ninth contribution to our Welsh Keywords series – inspired by Raymond Williams’ Keywords – which offers contemporary perspectives on contested meanings of words in Welsh and how these shifting meanings continue to shape our society.

It is the beginning of May, and raining softly as I crest the hill, a sort of gentle smwclaw (drizzle). I am hot and wet in my running clothes, and my breath pools in clouds. As I begin to descend from the slopes of Moel Tryfan towards Moel Smyddo, the comin below is framed by the looping line of the Lôn Wen to the west, and by the forestry plantation towards the east. This is the furthest northern outpost of Comin Uwch Gwyrfai; from here, it flows south, engulfing Mynydd Grug to the east, and Mynydd Cilgwyn to the west.

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