Second Homes and a Forbidden Door

From Planet 243

by Ben Lloyd

Ben Lloyd offers an insight into his new immersive installation Gwales, which draws on the Mabinogi myth to decry the gentrification of his north Pembrokeshire home, and show why we need to protect the spaces for simply potsian abwti...

Morgan the Moon was busy collecting glasses in the beer garden of the Sloop Inn. He greeted us with his warm welcome and we got chatting; his reply to ‘What you been up to?’ was, ‘You know ’chan, jyst potsian abwti’. I love this phrase potsian abwti and it’s as synonymous to north Pembrokeshire as its crooked windswept trees. It describes the poking around doing things, meandering towards no certain goal. For me, potsian abwti is to be in a state of flow, free to create, and recalls the Bricoleur, defined by the anthropologist Levi Strauss as one who creates things using whatever comes to hand.

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