How Magazines Become Memory Banks

From Planet 240

by Sioned Puw Rowlands

O’r Pedwar Gwynt editor Sioned Puw Rowlands in conversation with former Planet editors John Barnie and Helle Michelsen. How has the experience of publishing Welsh magazines evolved over the last thirty years?

When you took on the editorial responsibility for Planet in 1990, John, how did you foresee the decade you were heading into taking shape and the particular challenges which would galvanise your editorship? Did the reality conform to your expectations?

John: I’m not sure I did see how the decade would take shape. Increasingly this seems to me next to impossible. Who foresaw 9/11 in 2000 and the disasters that would flow from that? In 1990, though, it was clear that not just climate change but ecological collapse and the mass extinction of species were well underway, whether people took notice or not, and I tried to address these issues in the magazine.

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