‘A Tough Life Needs A Tough Language’ Creativity, Inequality and the New Curriculum

From Planet 233

by Rajvi Glasbrook Griffiths

Teacher Rajvi Glasbrook Griffiths looks in-depth at the proposed new curriculum, which will be finalised in 2019. She gives an insight into the transformative power of the arts in education, and argues that there is a danger that the current lack of clarity about expressive arts and literacy provision in the curriculum would undermine this.

In 2022 Wales will begin the implementation of its new national curriculum across the country. The then Education Minister Huw Lewis’ acceptance of all sixty-eight recommendations in Graham Donaldson’s 2015 Successful Futures report1 marked a radically progressive dawn in education policy design. By investing selected Pioneer Schools and teachers, along with other stakeholders (such as Estyn, Public Health Wales and Qualifications Wales) across the country with ownership over the writing of the curriculum, Wales laid the foundation for unprecedented confidence in teachers’ professional voice.

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