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Nia Edwards-Behi reviews
Is-Deitla'n Unig
by Emyr Glyn Williams

Is-Deitla'n Unig

Gomer, £8.99

At the beginning of Is-Deitla’n Unig (Subtitles Only) Emyr Glyn Williams tackles head on the potential elephant in the book: why write about a topic as broad as it is niche – foreign language cinema – in Welsh? Though he is perhaps wise to set out his stall from the outset, the nature of the book provides its own answer. This is indeed a book about cinema, but it is also, first and foremost, a sort-of cinematic autobiography, a personal account of the author’s own relationship to, and his own interpretations of, a wide range of films. Williams tops and tails the book in a direct and personal way, opening with something of a call-to-arms for a Welsh cinema, and closing with a letter to his infant son.

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