New Life for Cymraeg as ‘Modernity’ Dies

From Planet 252

by Emlyn Phillips

Drawing on everything from ancient myth and family history to forest schools and AI, Emlyn Phillips proposes a bold vision for how the Welsh language could flourish in a world where climate chaos takes hold, and Western power is transferred to the Global South.

When I began to learn Welsh in my twenties, I encountered people who told me that Welsh is a dying language, and that it is unfit for the modern world. The latest census results have caused concern about the future of the language. Moreover, they suggest that the second criticism might be true: Welsh, and its associated culture, are not suited to the modern world. If they were, they wouldn’t be in decline. The first criticism, however, is off the mark. In fact, it is the modern world which is dying; the Welsh language has survived it, and may be better placed than people suspect for the future which is emerging.

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About the author

Emlyn Phillips ( is a trained coach, mediator and hypnotherapist. His debut book, A Gentleman of Glamorgan: Iolo Morganwg, the Prince of Wales, and the Gentry of Glamorgan is published by RowanVale Books and available on Amazon.