Sadly, as our core funding from the Books Council of Wales will not continue from 1 April 2024 following a competitive tender, the February 2024 issue was the final Planet issue, for the time being at least. We are ceasing trading in early Summer 2024, and it is now no longer possible to purchase copies of Planet or anything else produced by Berw Ltd, aside from copies in shops, and this only until the end of April 2024.

However, thanks the success of our crowdfunder and other support from readers, Berw Ltd is going dormant as a company, rather than winding up entirely. This means that we have avoided debt, retain our intellectual property rights and will make it as feasible as possible legally and administratively to potentially relaunch in the future in a more favourable funding environment.

More information about the funding decision can be found in the editorial of issue 253.

This website will remain live for as long as possible, for the purpose of keeping our legacy alive, with the longer term aim of potentially relaunching. For example, you can read more about our history, ethos and unique place in the Welsh public sphere here: You can read free ‘taster’ articles and watch free videos here: You can also get a glimpse of our content in the summaries of articles in our Planet Digital section:

Want to connect further with Planet’s cultural legacy? Full runs of the magazine are available at the National Library of Wales, and most university and major public libraries in Wales. Issues are also available in many public and university libraries worldwide. Back issues are often available for purchase via third parties on Ebay and other sites. We hope to soon be able to launch a geo-referenced index of our contents pages from 1970 onwards for research purposes, where you can search for themes, titles, authors, locations referenced on maps of Wales and the world and more. Please keep an eye out on our social media accounts below and elsewhere for updates on this development.

Now we have ceased trading our previous emails will no longer be active. You can still contact us on [email protected] but this inbox will only be checked occasionally. We will keep our Twitter/X account Planet_TWI going for as long as possible, also our Facebook page and Instagram Again, these accounts will only be checked occasionally. The editor Emily Trahair can be contacted via LinkedIn You can keep updated about our Production Officer and graphic designer Hywel Edwards’ work here and follow him on Instagram at

We would like to thank our readers, guest review editors, contributors, sponsors and supporters. It’s been a joy to work for you all. Diolch o galon.

“Without Planet, our world would be not only smaller and more inward-looking but also impoverished in creativity and intellectual expression. Planet is a first-rate magazine and as someone who travels a great deal I have yet to find a magazine like it. It is simply unique.”

- Menna Elfyn

“Time and again Planet has taken me upwards and outwards from the fulcrum of Wales to the furthest reaches of discussion and discovery.”

- Jan Morris