Sadly, as our core funding from the Books Council of Wales will not continue from 1 April 2024 following a competitive tender, the February issue is the final Planet issue, for the time being at least. This issue will be available from ourselves and in shops for the next few months. More on these developments can be found in the issue. We would like to thank our readers, guest review editors, contributors, sponsors and supporters. It’s been a joy to work for you all. Many thanks to everyone who has been in touch to offer support.

Our core funding has been successively cut to less than half it was in 2008, and we are a micro-organisation run not-for-profit – a company limited by guarantee. We therefore need help to reach essential costs and have launched this crowdfunder.

The crowdfunder would contribute towards statutory payments to support staff through the redundancy process, and costs associated with closing down the magazine. This would avoid the company that owns Planet (Berw Cyf) going into debt, or entering liquidation and losing its intellectual property rights, and thus to enable Planet’s legacy to be preserved, for example through keeping our website live, and make it as feasible as possible legally and administratively to potentially relaunch in the future in a more favourable funding environment in order to continue our work for Welsh culture and Welsh internationalism.

We are very grateful for any amount you can afford to offer this campaign. To contribute simply follow this link:

“Without Planet, our world would be not only smaller and more inward-looking but also impoverished in creativity and intellectual expression. Planet is a first-rate magazine and as someone who travels a great deal I have yet to find a magazine like it. It is simply unique.”

- Menna Elfyn

How else you can help us

You can also help us by purchasing the new issue and/or buying back issues from the 1970s onwards - please email [email protected] to check availability of back issues. Alternatively you can take advantage of our Celebrate 6 Decades of Planet offer. These options can be purchased from this link: You can also buy copies of the books we’ve published – a wide range including work by Nigel Jenkins, Caradog Evans, Mary-Ann Constantine, and groundbreaking titles in translation from Galician and Swedish:

All purchases will only be available for a limited period.

How you can raise your concerns about the grant decision

Many readers and contributors have been contacting us asking how they can raise their concerns about the grant decision to our funders. To send feedback, please email Arwel Jones and Dr Ashley Owen from the Grants Department of the Books Council of Wales at [email protected] and [email protected].

If you would like us to be able to see your feedback and any further correspondence, please send this to [email protected]

Your subscription and refunds

We will be keeping our website live for at least the next 12 months, so you can continue to enjoy reading the new issue plus back issues from 2015 onwards on Planet Digital for the duration of time your subscription is in credit.

However, if you have an active subscription and would instead like to claim a refund for outstanding issues on your subscription that can no longer be published, please contact us at [email protected] or Planet, PO Box 44, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3ZZ by the 16th of February 2024 with your name and address, and also your account name, account number and sort code. (For Direct Debit subscribers we only need your name and address.)

If you have a Direct Debit, we can confirm that all Direct Debits will be made dormant by our bank before we wind up the magazine and no further payments will be taken. Following 12 months of dormancy, Direct Debits will automatically be removed from our bank's debiting system. However, you may still choose to cancel your Direct Debit in the meantime if preferred and can do this via your bank, or you can contact us at [email protected] to request this by the 16th of February 2024. Cancellations will be processed within 14 days.

“Time and again Planet has taken me upwards and outwards from the fulcrum of Wales to the furthest reaches of discussion and discovery.”

- Jan Morris