Them presents a rich selection of the short stories of Nobel prize nominated Galician author Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín.

Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín is a leading figure in contemporary Galician literature. As well as being a short story writer, he is a poet, novelist and literary critic, editing for many years the magazine A Trabe de Ouro.

A radical Galician nationalist and one of the founders of the Unión de Pobo Galego, Ferrín was imprisoned under Franco for his political beliefs and activities.

He is regarded as a master of contemporary Galician prose, unique in his determination to make the language do what he wants - a radicalism with the word that matches his political ideas.

Them brings together a rich selection of Xosé Luís Méndez

Ferrín's short stories, from his earliest published work in 1958 to his latest collection Arrainos (1991). The stories range from the fictional world of Tagen Ata, deep in a mythic past, to the sufferings and injustices of the Franco regime, and on into the cruelties of an undefined future.

Them presents the fiction of this major European writer to an English-speaking audience for the first time.