Excerpts from Planet 219

The Paper Trail

Mike Parker gives his account of the controversial Cambrian News distortion of his 2001 Planet article in the lead-up to the General Election, and argues that this episode offers a disturbing insight into wider media bias and the politics of race today…

Where is the Welsh Revolution?

Simon Brooks decries the weakness of Welsh nationalism as demonstrated through Plaid Cymru’s General Election campaign: has the national cause become subsumed within a British anti-austerity radicalism?

Scrum Down in the Departure Lounge

In the lead up to the Rugby World Cup, Eddie Butler looks back 40 years to the death of a dictator and the autumn in Madrid when he first learnt to love rugby, reflecting on the struggles both Wales and Spain have faced since then…

Fortress-Shaped Playhouse

A short story by Rachel Trezise.

Retracing Wales: Cefn Sidan Sands

In our Retracing Wales series of responses to the Wales Coast Path, Francesca Rhydderch remembers the sands of Cefn Sidan, her seafaring father and Wales’ complex entanglement with Empire.

Notes from a Funeral Farewell

Mererid Hopwood remembers the life and work of artist, writer and activist Osi Rhys Osmond.

New Fronts Against Fracking

Kelvin Mason reflects on the divergent ways people in Wales are resisting the threat of fracking and climate change, and calls for a new set of values for the Anthropocene Era.

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