Excerpts from Planet 214
Windfarms in Wales: Vital Questions for our Energy Future

Kelvin Mason argues that to go beyond frustratingly polarised disputes over windfarms we need to look at broader questions about landscape, power and justice.
A Mark of a Humane Society

Reflecting on his personal history, writer Richard Gwyn appeals to Cardiff Council to not cut the rehabilitation programme for drug and alcohol addiction.
Welsh Keywords: Angerdd

In this issue’s ‘Welsh Keywords’, inspired by Raymond Williams’ Keywords, Menna Elfyn reveals the multiple meanings of ‘angerdd’, meaning ‘passion’; and drawing on the poetry of the late Nigel Jenkins, appeals for more ‘angerdd’ in Welsh political debate as budget cuts begin to ravage Wales.
Entitled to Speak

Hywel Dix draws on the work of Jacques Rancière and post-devolution Scottish literature to argue the importance of liberating politics from the domain of politicians.
An Integral Part of the Public Sphere

In a follow-up article to his recent book Welsh Periodicals in English: 1882-2012 Malcolm Ballin gives an in-depth retrospective of issues of three magazines published a year ago, and discusses the role of magazines in Welsh political and cultural life.
Imagining a Better World

Mike Jenkins on the 20th anniversary of Red Poets, both celebrating the magazine’s unique radicalism and reminiscing about the controversial and ‘ear-shattering’ agitprop events it has inspired…
Remembering Nigel

John Barnie recalls good times on the road with Nigel Jenkins – poet, essayist, editor, musician and friend, who died in January.
Retracing Wales: Cardigan Bridge to Ynyslas

As part of a series of pieces responding to the Wales Coast Path, Rowan O’Neill reflects on her experience as a Welsh-speaking  grandchild of English migrants to Ceredigion, she explores difficult questions about in-migration, tourism and the Welsh language.
Reliquaries of Past Lives

Peter Wakelin profiles the artist Philippa Robbins and her ‘breathtaking’ paintings, drawings, sculptures and maquettes, following her first solo exhibition.
Roast Beef with Wasabi Sauce

Eluned Gramich reflects on her time working in Tokyo’s Welsh Government office and socialising at Y Gymdeithas Dewi Sant: ‘Surrounded by Welsh imagery, Welsh books and magazines in the middle of Tokyo, I feel less like a lost child and more like a member of a secret society.’
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Helen Pendry... on politics

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Catherine Phelps reviews Dream On

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