Excerpts from Planet 209
Mining Bloody Harlan

Poet Bethany W. Pope recounts the complex politics of her family history in the once brutal Kentucky coal industry
LNG at Milford Haven:
a Potential Catastrophe?

Gordon Main warns of the possibility of a flammable gas cloud at Milford Haven, and appeals to the Emir of Qatar, investor in the LNG terminal, for publication of a further risk assessment
Blue Books for the 21st Century

Rachel Trezise scrutinises MTV’s The Valleys and makes parallels with earlier depictions of Wales
Queen of the Bluestocking Lounge

Claire Houguez profiles Swansea neo-burlesque pioneer Lilly Laudanum, and describes how the scene’s subversion of sexuality has inspired her writing
A Nation on the March

Mike Benbough-Jackson on the cultural politics behind Cardiff’s St David’s Day parade. Is it too nationalist? Not nationalist enough? A marketing exercise? Or a joyful celebration of diversity?
Guarding a Tradition of Progress:
The Miners of Asturias

Cathi McGill gives historical context to the miners’ protests in 2012 and describes the threat to their livelihoods from globalisation and austerity measures
King Coal the Rotten Waster

Georgia Burdett on the relevance of writer Ron Berry’s depictions of disability in the south Wales coalfield for contemporary debates about incapacity benefits
Retracing Wales:
South Pembrokeshire

Jim Perrin lambasts the continued MOD presence on our ‘finest and most dramatic stretch of coastline’
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Leading the Dragon


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